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Jun 25, 2007 at 11:36 PM

What is the best way to track a characteristic from R3 to a BEx report?



What is the most convinient way to track these 2 characteristics in my enivornment:

Data flows from R3 to InfoSource1, InfoSource2, InfoSource3 and InfoSource4.

InfoSource1 and InfoSource2.flows to ODS1


InfoSource3 and InfoSource4. flows to ODS2

then ODS1 and ODS1 flows to Cube1 which then goes ro MultiProvider1

"Created On" characteristics came in from InfoSource1


"Change On" characteristics came in from InfoSource2

Now when you go into BEx, these two are not shown in the dimension nor the report structure, but there are other Time characteristics such as Calendar Day, Calendar Month, Calendar Week.

What are the definitive steps can I take to track down the "Change on" anbd "Created on" down to my report in BEx?