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Jun 25, 2007 at 02:50 PM

Implementation scenario


Hi everyone

I need an implementation advice from all the experts. My requirement is that we need to send purchase orders and recieve confirmation to sap systems. we are sending the purchase orders to a webservice.

The general idea was to use idocs to send purchase orders and to recieve the confirmation into the same idoc or a different one. but with idocs syncronous communication is not possible. so what i am thinking is develop an rfc which has the request and resposes and it can populate the required idocs.

i came to know that using idocs or flatfiles i can achieve asynch-synch communications by using modules . but it is from SP 19 , we don't have SP 19 we have SP 10. so i guess its not an option. moreover modules are being dealt with JMS adapter . its not clear why to use JMS adapter here.

are there any better approches to it other than upgrading to SP 19?

is using RFC for this situation a better solution?

Thanks XI experts