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Jun 25, 2007 at 02:50 PM

JCo Server does not start



I'm trying to create and start a JCoIDoc.Server on a Web Application Server 700 system. Because I could not find the required classes in the trfc.jar archive on the server I downloaded and packaged the required java connector classes sapidoc.jar and sapidocjco.jar in my EAR file.

The deployment works fine and the server should be started automatically by a servlet. There are no error entries in the logfile. In addition I can see my own entries in the logfile that the servlet was executed an the server started.

Nevertheless I can not send anything from an ECC 5.0 system to my java connector server. Using the "netstat -a" command in a DOS console on the Java server I can not even see that the port for incomming idocs is listening.

Having a look at the ECC 5.0 system using transaction "smgw" I do not see the my JCo Server

Has anybody an idea what goes wrong or if I forgot anything to realize? The code is quite similar to the jco sample code.

Or is it in general not possible to start a JCoIDoc.Server on a Web Application Server 700 system?

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