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Jun 25, 2007 at 12:06 PM

BI Accelerator Poll


My current company is exploring (planning really) implementing the BIa. I came from a company (unnamed on purpose) that had their share of issues implementing the Accelerator. At the time of my departure, it wasn’t running as advertised. If more than 10 people hit the same query at the same time, the system would crash. Did this company have some extenuating circumstances that made the implementation extraordinary? I can’t answer that question, I wasn’t directly involved but it placed some doubt in my mind of the “Plug-n-Play” ease that I have “heard” at various conferences and read in white papers. I would like this thread to serve as a platform to get feedback from the community on their experience implementing this very promising technology.

It is an expensive proposal to purchase the necessary hardware and dedicate resources to implement this technology if the promised outcome has only been achieved by few.

I am not intending this thread to be a bashing session, just a fact gathering mission. I do absolutely want to hear if you couldn’t get it to work at all, but truly HOPE all the posts are of overwhelming success stories. It will give my company more confidence to take the leap of faith.

I think decision makers can make a more informed decision given the results of this very UNSCIENTIFIC poll. Here are the two questions I would love people to walk away with the answers to: Can we? and Should we?

Company name (optional)

Have you implemented the BI accelerator?

Is it in production?

Does it work as advertised?

How many concurrent users?

How many cubes are currently being indexed?

What is the volume of data being indexed?

Is the response time on queries much faster?

These questions are the first that pop into my head, if you can think of any additional points that a person on the fence should consider please provide that information.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation and indulgence in my poll.