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Jun 22, 2007 at 05:43 PM

Error during importing tables , BRTOOLS


Dear All,

I did the client import but some table in target system were missing. So I exported the tables from source system using brtools.

Now when I was trying to import those table using brtools I got following error:


BR0280I BRSPACE time stamp: 2007-06-22 13.02.22

BR0257I Your reply: 'c'

BR0259I Program execution will be continued...

BR0278I Command output of '/oracle/SR0/102_64/bin/imp parfile=/oracle/SR0/sapreorg/sdvntbgf/parfile.imp':

Import: Release - Production on Fri Jun 22 13:02:22 2007

Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.


Connected to: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

With the Partitioning and Data Mining options

Export file created by EXPORT:V10.02.01 via direct path

import done in UTF8 character set and UTF8 NCHAR character set

IMP-00046: using FILESIZE value from export file of 20971520000

. importing SYS's objects into SYS

. importing SAPAB2's objects into SAPAB2


BR0278E Command output of '/usr/sap/SR0/SYS/exe/run/brtools -f printcmd | /oracle/SR0/102_64/bin/imp parfile=/oracle/SR0/sapreorg/sdvntbgf/parfile.imp':

IMP-00003: ORACLE error 1435 encountered

ORA-01435: user does not exist

IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully

BR0280I BRSPACE time stamp: 2007-06-22 13.02.22

BR0279E Return code from '/usr/sap/SR0/SYS/exe/run/brtools -f printcmd | /oracle/SR0/102_64/bin/imp parfile=/oracle/SR0/sapreorg/sdvntbgf/parfile.imp': 1

BR1167E Table import failed

BR0280I BRSPACE time stamp: 2007-06-22 13.02.22

BR1166I 0 tables imported by IMP utility

BR0669I Cannot continue due to previous warnings or errors - you can go back to repeat the last action

BR0280I BRSPACE time stamp: 2007-06-22 13.02.22

BR0671I Enter 'b[ack]' to go back, 's[top]' to abort:


OS is AIX, and I started brtools using <SID>ADM user.

the error is ORA-01435,,,,,

Please guide me how I can import those tables.

Thanks and Regards,