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Jun 22, 2007 at 09:44 AM

Query input parameter syntax


'Morning folks,

The following is about the input parameters one can specify for queries in SBO, like "[%0]", and which prompt an input dialog when the query is executed.

The common form for specifying these parameters is


, viz. an opening square bracket, an percent sign, one or more digits and a closing square bracket.

However, I happened to notice that SBO will be happy with anything instead of the digits, that is it recognises:


, viz. an opening square bracket, a percent sign, zero or more characters other than a closing square bracket, and a closing square bracket.

Now this behaviour happens to suit me /real/ fine, and I'd like to make use of it, but I'm a bit anxious as to whether it might be discontinued, that is only digits accepted sooner or later. Could anyone please provide me with some information about this?

I read the FMS "specs" ("How to Define and Use Formatted Search") found in the "Document Center", but they barely even mention input parameters, lest discuss them.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Nixon