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Jun 21, 2007 at 06:27 PM

inputfield in iterator


Hi all!!

HOw i save the values that user put in an inputfield that i create dinamically using iterator?

I create the inputfield:

IF ( m_row_ref->ko = 'X' OR m_row_ref->fora_servei = 'X' )

AND m_row_ref->nivell = c_nivell3.

p_replacement_bee = cl_htmlb_inputfield=>factory(

id = p_cell_id

disabled = lv_disable

maxlength = '12'

size = '12'

width = '80'

value = m_row_ref->referencia

type = 'STRING'

cellvalue = 'TRUE'

  • submitonEnter = 'TRUE'

tooltip = 'Insertar referencia' ).


nbsp_bee->add( html = '&nbsp' ).

p_replacement_bee = nbsp_bee.


I'm using flow logic and my problem is that the user can insert data but then i don't know how to save this to the internal table.

I'm saving other values like checkboxes using the event tiggered :


when 'DRP'.

lrf_event_selection ?= lrf_event.

id = lrf_event_selection->id.

CLEAR: lv_aux1, lv_aux2.

SPLIT id AT c_id_actvtable INTO lv_aux1 lv_aux2.

CLEAR: row, col.

SPLIT lv_aux2 AT '_' INTO row col.

READ TABLE t_linies_cl INTO wa_linia INDEX row.

wa_linia-motiu = lrf_event_selection->selection.

MODIFY t_linies_cl FROM wa_linia INDEX row.

MOVE 'FALSE' TO gravat.

But with the input field i can not tigger an event and i don't know how to save the information before iteraor render the cell again for other event.

A lot of thanks in advance, please i need this help...

Thanks again!!!