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Jun 21, 2007 at 05:19 PM

Code to dynamically query infotypes and fields -> gives dump



I have written some code to dynamically query all infotypes and their fields.

However, it gives a dump at a certain field:


Error in the module RSQL accessing the database interface.

This is the code I've written:

      DATA: field(30) TYPE c,
            itype(6) TYPE c,
            cond(80) TYPE c.
      DATA: dataref TYPE REF TO data.

      FIELD-SYMBOLS: <field> TYPE ANY.

      CONCATENATE 'PA' it INTO itype.
      CREATE DATA dataref TYPE (itype).
      ASSIGN dataref->* TO <field>.

      field = dd03l-fieldname.

      CONCATENATE field ' <> SPACE' INTO cond.

      SELECT SINGLE (field) FROM (itype)
      INTO <field>
      WHERE (cond).

This is only part of the code, the determination of the infotype and its fields happens earlier and there is no problem there.

The code manages to go through all fields of infotype 0000, but gives a dump at a custom field ZZFUNKT_DAT.

This field has as data element dat34, so that shouldn't be the error. And other custom fields can be read perfectly with my code.

Anyone got a clue? (I also don't know what the dump message means)