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Jun 21, 2007 at 05:04 PM

Illegal dependency while using a DC from one Software Component in another




  1. I have a Software Product (<b>e.g. SP1</b>) with 2 Software Components (e.g. <b>SC1, SC2</b>) defined in the SLD. Now, we have defined a track with these software components (as per the correct procedure).

  1. This Development configuration was imported into NWDS and we have developed 2 WebDynPro Development Components under each of these Software Components (e.g. <b>DC1 in SC1</b> ; <b>DC 2 in S</b>C2).

  1. All works fine and everything is smooth till now.

<u><b>The ISSUE</b></u>

When I try to use DC1 of SC1 as a used component in DC2 of SC2, I get an error.

The exact step: In NWDS-> DC2, I go to USED DCs -> Add Used DC and try to add DC1's public part (all as per correct procedure),

<b>I get the following error:

Illegal dependency: The compartment of com.test/xss/dc2(com.test_SC1) must explicitly use compartment of com.test/xss/dc1</b>

This error comes only if <b>DC1 is in SC1</b> and <b>DC2 is in SC2</b>. If 2 DCS are in the same SC (eg: <b>DC1 and DC2 to SC1</b>), then the error does not come.

Should we configure any compartment or other data in CBS/CMS?

Please help.

Thanks in advance.