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Jun 21, 2007 at 04:47 PM

Moving existing DCs of one Software Component to another Software component




  1. I have a Software Product (e.g. <b>SP1</b>) and Software Component (e.g. <b>SC1</b>) defined in the SLD. A track with this software component has been created (as per the correct procedure).

  1. This Development configuration was imported into NWDS and we have developed over 20 WebDynPro Development Components (e.g. <b>DC 1 to DC 20</b>).

  1. Everything works fine till now.

<u><b>The ISSUE </b></u>

Now, the client wants us to move these existing DCs into individual Software components. i.e; They do not want all <b>20 DCs</b> under one Software Component <b>SC1</b>.

<u><b>WHAT WE NEED</b></u>

We define new Software Components (<b>SC 2 to SC20</b>). Add these SC definitions into the track. And, then move individual DCs to these new SCs.

e.g.: From the existing SC1 containing all 20 DCs.<b> Move DC2 to SC2</b>, <b> DC3 to SC3</b>.


How can I achieve this?

The individual DCs should be moved into newly defined Sofware Components.

Thanks in advance.