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Jun 21, 2007 at 03:08 PM

Add field to Bank Overview Page



I am on EP7.0 ERP05 NW04s and want to add a field Bank Account Type on the ESS Bank Overview Page under Account Number ...I tried the follwoing code in the Bizcard overview page -- wdDoModifyView method

String bizcardField1 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField1");

String bizcardField2 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField2");

String bizcardField3 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField3");

String bizcardField4 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField4");

String bizcardField5 = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getTextAccessor().getText("BizcardField5");

//Code to add field Bank Account Type on the Overview Page

fieldInfo = new BizcardFieldInfo[] { new BizcardFieldInfo(bizcardField1, "Emftx"),

new BizcardFieldInfo(bizcardField2, "Banka"),

new BizcardFieldInfo(bizcardField3, "Bankn"),

new BizcardFieldInfo(bizcardField4, "Bkont")

When I actually run this code I get the field Account Number type but with a number as 01 or 02 ,this is because in the backend it is stored like that, ...what;s the way to show Checking or Savings rather than numbers...

Any help would be highly appreciated..