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Jun 21, 2007 at 01:35 PM

Business system name important for IDoc scenario message routing?


Hello all,

I have following problem.

I have to setup with our client an IDoc scenario which is a little difficult.

The client sends project IDocs from Client ERP system to his own XI system next to our XI sytem and at last Internal Order IDocs to our ERP system. We use for each environments (DEV, TEST, PROD) a separately SLD, the client a central SLD. In each environments we use the same business name for our XI system "BS_XI". Now the problem. The client aren't able to configure two times the same business name "BS_XI" for routing to our TEST respective Production environment. DEV will not used. I know the B2B scenario should be used in this case but i have no chance to think about this. Manager decision! 😉

So what can be the workaround.

I think about to provide our client a different Business system name "BS_XI_PROD" with different technical system informations for our PROD environment. So for my understanding, the business system name is unimportant in this case, important here the technical informations which you are able to see in "Display Adapter-Specific Identifiers". Technical system, Port and RFC configuration.

The namings convention for Business system is unimportant in this case, yes?

Many thanks in advance!