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Jun 21, 2007 at 02:30 AM

PA40 : Change in Position Action


Hi ,

i will be developing an user exit implementation for PA40(PBAS0001) for the change in position action.

When the user chooses this action and enters the new position then based on the previous position it defaults the reason for action(Promotion, demotion or lateral)

i have an issue with this. for example consider an employee John. initially he is in an associate position. He is promoted to a supervisor position on may1st . on may10th the manager realises that he was given the wrong position and it should be an accounts specialist position. The requirement is that the user should re-execute the change in position action with the start date as May 1st (the previous record for evaluating the reason for action should be the asscoiate position and not the supervisor position)

. Will the record existing from may1st to may10th get delimited automatically or is there any other solution. two records cannot exist at the same time as the time constraint is 1 for the actions infotype.

i have tried to be as clear as i can. Thanks in advance.