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Internal Server Error (500) - HANA XSA

Hello Everyone,

I hope this is the correct section to ask this.

I'm trying different stuff with HANA XSA in the trial HCP, trying to figure out how things work, (I'm a ABAP developer, so I'm not familiar with this technology).

I was reading a tutorial and manage to do 2 programs almost identical, one works ok, i can read the data from a table i created, the other gives me a 500 - Internal Server Error... i suspect it has something to do with permissions...

I'll try to explain as best as i can:

In the program i first created i created a table in the schema "SYSTEM" this table is called "Employee" then i created a PUBLIC SYNONYM with the same name and the program ran just fine.

But then i thought that i didnt like it being in the SYSTEM schema, so i created my own... i named it "PERSONA" and inside this schema i created the table "USUARIOS", then i created a new program with the exact same code (the table has the same structure) but im getting a 500 error. The obvious difference is the SYNONYM, so.... my question is... is it mandatory the creation of a synonym? does it have to be in the public synonym "folder"? Cant i just query the table directly? Maybe some permissions are missing?

Thank you and sorry for the long post.

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