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Jun 20, 2007 at 06:55 PM

Possible subsequent activities in Alert email not showing as a url..


Hi All,

I got 2 question that follows.

1.I am getting the alert email from alert inbox.But in my email i see the

Possible subsequent activities as a plain text instead of the url link

which we are supposed get by default.this is the setting for


in scot
output format for SAP Document:
SAP script/forms---pdf
abaplist ---htm
BusinessObject/Link ---htm
Raw text - txt

2.Also From my alert inbox when i go Subsequent activities i see two link,but if i click it i get the BSP Error as follows

Calling the BSP Page terminated with error.
BSP Exception: Das Objekt 860BDEE01F4D11DCA352001560DE8986 in der URL /sap(bD1lbiZjPTEwMCZkPW1pbg==)/bc/bsp/sap/alertinbox/860BDEE01F4D11DCA352001560DE8986 ist nicht gültig.

Any help appreciated.