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Item and Product Proposal

Dear Guru's

any bady can explain me how to configure Item and Product Proposal.



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    Jun 20, 2007 at 01:10 PM


    refer below reward if helps

    Item proposal and product proposal are the same.

    Item proposal is the list of materials and order quantities that can be copied into the sales order from the customer master data.

    We use VA51 to create the item proposal. Here we get a number.This number is then linked to the customer master data in the sales view. This is very commonly used.

    Material determination is very closely related to item proposal /product proposal and is used to swap one material for another in the sales order using the condition technique. I have not seen Material determination procedures used in the projects I have worked.

    Hi Go to VA51 or In the SD Master Data Screen select, Products --> Item proposal -->Create. enter u r doc type and sales area

    Press ENTER .

    You reach the Create Item Proposal: Overview - Fast Entry screen where you enter the item proposal.

    Create the item proposal by entering the materials and the quantities. In the field Description, you can define a search term which you can later use to retrieve the item proposal by using the matchcode.

    If you want to create an item proposal for a bill of material, enter the header material without the component. When the item proposal is transferred to the sales document, the bill of material is then exploded or configured. Make sure that an item category is determined in the sales order that allow bill of material explosion or configuration. This is controlled in Customizing for the item category in the Structure scope field.

    Press ENTER and save the item proposal.

    The system saves the item proposal and assigns an item proposal number. You receive the following system message:

    Item Proposal <Item proposal number> was saved

    You remain on the same data screen, where you can create another item proposal. Select Back to return to the initial screen.

    Save note the doc no

    Go to Change customer i.e. VD02/ XD02 assign item proposal no to customer . save

    Create sales doc and propose the items .

    Hope it will help u out

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    Jun 20, 2007 at 01:10 PM

    Hi Sri,

    Product Proposal

    A product proposal is a list of products for a specific customer that is automatically proposed during sales document processing. You can decide for yourself which materials should be displayed as product proposals in the sales document. You can also determine the sequence in which the materials appear in the product proposal.

    During sales document processing, the system displays a product proposal in the item overview according to the customer and the business transaction. It displays the material number, material description, and historical order quantities in the sales unit last used. To use a material again, you just have to copy it. The system does not run the standard checks (pricing, availability, incompletion, material determination, free goods determination and so on) until you have entered the order quantities.

    The product proposal is both an entry help and an aid to sales support and promotions. It is particularly useful in Telesales, where the employee automatically receives a display of all the materials that are of interest to a particular customer. This helps them to provide appropriate advice to the customer quickly and easily. The sales document history enables you to analysis the purchasing behavior of a customer and recognize early on if it changes, for instance, when the customer suddenly stops ordering a product.

    The product proposal differs to cross-selling in that it is dependent on the customer and sales area, and is displayed in the sales document as soon as you have entered a customer. Cross-selling, on the other hand, is triggered by a material. In other words, the system proposes cross-selling materials according to the material or a characteristic of the material you have entered.

    You can determine the product proposal from different data sources:

    • Order history

    • Listed materials

    • Excluded materials

    • Item proposal

    • Customer-material info records

    • Customer-specific data sources

    You can combine materials from these data sources to create a product proposal. The system then accesses the data sources either online or in the background.

    To define a product proposal for sales document processing, you must carry out the following activities in Customizing:

    • Define customer procedure for product proposal

    • Define document procedure for product proposal

    • Assign document procedure for product proposal to order types

    • Maintain table of origin for product proposal

    • Define product proposal procedure and determine access sequences

    • Maintain procedure determination (in background) for product proposal

    • Maintain procedure determination (online) for product proposal

    The product proposal procedure determines how the system displays the product proposal in the sales document. For instance, if the system has accessed the order history, it determines how many columns should be displayed in the sales document, in which period intervals the historic order quantities should be displayed (for instance, day, week, or month), and most importantly, the sequence in which the system should access the data sources (for example, order history, listing, exclusion).

    The product proposal procedure depends on the:

    • Customer determination procedure

    The customer procedure determines which product proposal procedure the system automatically uses when you create a sales document for a particular customer.

    It is specified in the customer master record per sales area.

    • Document determination procedure

    The document procedure determines which product proposal procedure the system automatically uses for a certain document type. The document procedure is stored as a key in the header for the sales document type.

    If you use online processing, the product proposal procedure is determined according to the customer and document determination procedures.

    If you use background processing, the product proposal procedure is determined according to the sales area in the customer master and the customer determination procedure. It does not use the document determination procedure because the document type is not recognized in background processing.

    Dynamic product proposal and item proposal are almost synonymous


    An item proposal (MS) is a list of materials and order quantities that can be copied into the sales order. Items can also be selected from a list and copied into the sales order.

    TR CODE-VA51







    there create and doc type is PV




    Please Reward If Really Helpful,

    Thanks and Regards,


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