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Jun 20, 2007 at 01:13 AM

AS JAVA technical system not updated/registered in SLD



We have setup the SLD bridge connection from our SLD with 7.0 SAP J2EE

server which is our local SLD to SLD with 6.40 SAP J2EE server which is the master or central SLD. Actually we have this set up, that we have configured a local SLD for our Netweaver 2004s SR2 or Netweaver 7.0 system and connect it to the central SLD which is also a Netweaver system but of lower release, Netweaver 2004 SR1.

Since Netweaver contains both ABAP and Java, I can see that our WAS ABAP technical system (of the SLD 7.0) was

succesfully registered and updated on the central SLD 6.40 but I cannot

register or update the WAS JAVA technical system (of the SLD 7.0) in the central SLD 6.40, but it can be updated in our local SLD which is then connected to the central SLD as mentioned.

Since my update for the WAS ABAP was already working and its updated

in the central SLD 6.40, what can we do to achieve the same result for the WAS

JAVA? Because if it works with WAS ABAP, what is wrong then with WAS JAVA? What might be the cause or some other configurations to be made?

Also can we synchronize the CIM updated with all the SLD? We want to

see if we can just update the CIM content of SLD 6.40 and pushed this

with the other SLD on the system e.g. SLD of 7.0.