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Jun 19, 2007 at 12:52 PM

Logic in Creation of Document Types


Good Morning Folks-

Is there documentation on when to create a new document type? I am on an AR project and I have a client that has (in my opinion) duplicate document types. For example, they have 2 document types for incoming payments and they are different because cash comes via lockbox(FLB2) and the other comes from a wire. I have 4 document types to identify invoices and they are different because they come from the legacy system or created in SAP, etc. They have a document type for credit memos and typically I have seen it is the same as an invoice but differentiated by posting key. For credit memo, would be posting key 11.

I am trying to find some documentation that gives advice and warnings about this. I have worked with 9 US A/R projects and at most had to be concerned with was only 4 document types. I know what the definition of a document type is but they think it is to have them by source. I see warning flags here. I don't even know how to create clearing rules because it is so complex. In addition, they are unable to balance from their legacy system to SAP.

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