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Jun 19, 2007 at 07:15 AM

Value Mapping Doubts


Hi all,

I’m doing an interface between SAP Retail and 3 other legacy systems. Both have different article numbers, so a Value Mapping is required. I started with a simple value mapping group on ID and I called it in IR. Its working fine, but not enough, we need to maintain this table without manually entries. So, I followed some weblogs and in addition the document: “How-to Replicate MDM key mapping in XI value mapping tables”.

Now I’m using the Value Mapping Replication Synchronous interface, I did all the steps for IR, ID and also Java Proxy was activated. Unfortunately, I‘m getting an error 404 not found as a response from my sync call, and in sxi_monitor an internal server error 500 is displayed. If I use this URL generated by HTTP tool in my web browser, I also get the 404 not found web page. I don’t understand, I have all configuration objects activated and also sxi_cache was refreshed…

1 - Anyone knows what is missing?

I also would like to clear some doubts:

2 - How many records can we use in this table? We are expecting more or less 40.000 records.

3 - Do I need to generate a GUID for each GroupId? There is an ABAP function for that or should I generate a Jar file with classes available in the SAP Web Application Server to use it in graphical mapping? As demonstrated in “How-to Replicate MDM key mapping in XI value mapping tables”.

4 - We don’t have the Update operation for Value Mapping. So, I guess, every time an article is changed, we need to delete it (Delete GroupId) and insert it again. But for that we need to know the GroupId Number only known for XI and not for SAP Retail (ABAP Proxy Out interface). How can we handle this?

5 - In order to use all the capacities of Value Mapping Replication, there is something more that I should know in advance?

Thanks a lot guys 😊