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SAP Cloud Platform solution shared by a number of customers

Hello Colleagues,

I am using a free account on SAP Cloud Platform to create prototype solution for my customers needs. It seems to be fine and ready to be build for productive release.

I know that free developer account does not provide multi-customer abilities, thus it is impossible to test it for a number of customer. But before applying to paid account I want to understand how I should design a solution to be used by number of customers.

The solution consists of:

  • HANA DB tables, view, stored procedures, etc.
  • HANA XSJS programs
  • oData services
  • SAPUI5 web-interface

What I want to achieve:

- to define DB objects ones, but have separate instances of them for each customer in order to not have any risk of influence between customers

- in case of any change in DB objects I want to change it once and the changes to be activated for each customer automatically

- to have one single copy of XSJS sources executed by all the customers on its own data

- to have one single copy of oData and web-interface realisation for all the customers.

I think all these requirements are actually obvious, but I didn’t find any documentation of this topic.

I am guessing that there should be a separate schema in HDB for each customer, but this means that tables, view, stored procedures to be defined to be defined as many time as many customers I have. Thus it would be a real headache to support this.

Hope SAP mentors could clarify this.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Dmitry Istomin

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