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Jun 18, 2007 at 04:37 PM

obtaining the list of users and its respective properties of access to KM


Hi all,

I need one string with the list of KM Users and its respective properties of access to KM folder. The context of this are the develop of Command Folder class.

i have worked with this code, in SimpleExternalCommand class:

		IResource Folder = getResource();	
		RID RIDFolder    = Folder.getAccessRID();		
		String PathKMfolder = RIDFolder.getPath();
		IRepositoryManager rmgr = resource.getRepositoryManager();
		ISecurityManager secmgr = rmgr.getSecurityManager(resource);
		IAclSecurityManager aclsecmgr = (IAclSecurityManager) secmgr;
		IResourceAclManager ACLMngr = aclsecmgr.getAclManager();
		String ListaACL = ACLMngr.getAcl(Folder).getEntries().toString();		

The result of this are:

ListaACL = ""

I hope to obtain a list like: USER1[READ-ONLY], USER2[READ-WRITE],…

i feel close to solution but, need help to complete the target.

Thank in advance.