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BPC Data Access Profile User Authorizations

Jul 12, 2017 at 07:30 AM


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Hi Gurus,

I have a question about data access profile functionality. Let's say we have company and cost center dimensions which are secure dimensions in our model. For specific dimension members we want to create data access profiles and assign those data access profiles to a user.

Here is the case.. Let's say our cost center dimension members are 720 , 730 , 740 , 750 and company dimension members are 10,20,30. In this case our user will be able to access cost center 720,730,740 for company 10 and cost center 750 for company 20 , 30 only. Is something like that possible?



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Vadim Kalinin Jul 12, 2017 at 11:24 AM
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The article is mentioning about generating a deny rule for every member that is not visible in the intersection of the two members.

I am not sure that this article is applicable for our case.I have attached the screenshot.

For example we will be assigning Data Access Profile1 and Data Access Profile4 our user, because our user needs to access yellow lines.


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You are talking about matrix security. Try to understand the concept



I have attached another screenshot which shows that we can apply our case without extra abap coding(in BPC 10.1 embedded model). But We are using BPC 10.1 standard model. pc1.png

As i have searched, in BPC 10.1 standard model something like that is not possible. I have been wondering are there any workarounds that we can apply, or any other documents that explains specifically how we can apply matrix security for different dimensions in BPC 10.1 standard model.

pc1.png (206.6 kB)

I have already told you - you have to use badi BADI_UJE_DYNAMIC_DAP