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Jun 18, 2007 at 08:54 AM

DC Question


I am a novice to the web dynpro.

I am migrating a user excel appliation to a web dynpro application using mostly dynamic UI. This is a huge excel with over a hundred columns and naturely I have to provide some popup windows for quite a number of columns where the data are sourced from rfc call to some BAPI. I've the application working and most of my functionality are encapsulated in customer controllers, even the popup windows mentioned above which will accept an attributeInfo as a parameter and populate the attributeInfo with user selected option.

I took a custom controller and made an internal DC out of it. And then I declared the use of this DC in my main application DC. In that way, I would have achieved the reuse as is in line with the web dynpro philosophy. In my case, I have only interface methods and no interface views as I am not embedding anything in my views. The end result is when I call the internal DC's popup window method, I only got a tiny square window around a few characters in size, not the window together with the search input fields and result table. My question is that is it legal to open a external modal window in a internal DC?

Any help would be very much appricated.

Wai Yung