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Different OData service for KPI Tile Drilldown to Generic Report

I've found the hardest part about designing KPI Tiles is using the same xsodata end point for both the tile and the underlying report; hence this question.

Say I have a tile which has 3 measures I display like as follows:

And when you click on the report, it returns any position changes:

Now I get each of these working fine separately, but if I want the tile to display correctly, I need to always return a single line with 0 for the 3 dimensions below; but when displaying the report, if there's no data, I should return no data.

This could be solved if I could filter the report by removing all rows that have a null value in one of the fields; but that capability is not present (at least in the version I'm running).

In other words; if there are no upcoming changes for a user, the following should return 0's for the Tile:


and the following should return no entries for the Report:


With 2 xsodata services, this would be easy, but it appears the Tile is linked with the same odata service as the generic report that you can generate.

Any ideas to use a different odata service, or how to configure the xsodata service to return different sets of data like this?



tile.jpg (14.5 kB)
report.jpg (27.4 kB)
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  • I think Parameters would help here (e.g. If parameter is set to X, filter out entries with a null value); but I can't seem to see Parameters when clicking the parameter butt in in the drill-down configuration (I've created a parameter in the Calculation View and tested it using SQL):

    capture.jpg (15.6 kB)
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    Jul 13, 2017 at 04:04 AM

    Hi Matt,

    Its been more than 2 years since I worked on on-premise KPI Tiles. I found a way earlier to invoke two OData services - one for the KPI tile and the other for the actual drill-down report. The way I achieved it was to create two Evaluations for the KPI. Each of the these evaluations would point to a different OData service. The KPI Tile uses the first evaluation and in the tile configuration I remember providing evaluation ID as parameter.



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    • Thanks Murali - With your help, I could unlock the hidden feature of referring to a different Evaluation Id in the Tile Semantic mapping so it calls the KPI Drill down for the secondary Evaluation; hence works a treat now!

      capture.jpg (101.1 kB)