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Auto-run report!

Hi SDNers,

I have to run a report daily at 10 am for last day despatch details. if it is monday then i have to run for last day and previous last day (saturday and sunday).

now my requirement is i want to run the report automatically daily at that particular time. how can i do?

rewards guaranteed....


Senthil kumar ­čśŐ

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4 Answers

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    Jun 18, 2007 at 03:55 AM


    <b>you can schedule ur report to run in background in SM36.</b>



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    Jun 18, 2007 at 03:38 AM


    U have to schedule ur report as job to run in background at particular day.

    For that GO to SM 36, there u have the option to create the job by giving the step as prog name and variant.

    Also there is option for periodic job by which u can run ur job daily.



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    Jun 18, 2007 at 03:38 AM

    Hi Senthil,

    Just schedule a background job which should run daily. Here you can provide that it should work on weekdays only.

    Then also schedule another backgrondjob which should work only on mondays and there you can specify the parameters for saturday and sunday.

    Use SM36 to define the background job.

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    Jun 18, 2007 at 04:00 AM


    Go throu below doc.You will came to know how to schedule.

    Scheduling Background Jobs:

    1. Background jobs are scheduled by Basis administrators using transaction SM36.

    2. To run a report in a background, a job needs to be created with a step using the report name

    and a variant for selection parameters. It is recommended to create a separate variant for each

    scheduled job to produce results for specific dates (e.g. previous month) or organizational units (e.g.

    company codes).

    3. While defining the step, the spool parameters needs to be specified

    (Step-> Print Specifications->Properties) to secure the output of the report and help authorized users

    to find the spool request. The following parameters needs to be maintained:

    a. Time of printing: set to “Send to SAP spooler Only for now”

    b. Name ┬ľ abbreviated name to identify the job output

    c. Title ┬ľ free form description for the report output

    d. Authorization ┬ľ a value defined by Security in user profiles to allow those users to access

    this spool request (authorization object S_SPO_ACT, value SPOAUTH). Only users with matching

    authorization value in their profiles will be able to see the output.

    e. Department ┬ľ set to appropriate department/functional area name. This field can be used in

    a search later.

    f. Retention period ┬ľ set to ┬ôDo not delete┬ö if the report output needs to be retained for more

    than 8 days. Once the archiving/document repository solution is in place the spool requests could

    be automatically moved to the archive/repository. Storage Mode parameter on the same screen

    could be used to immediately send the output to archive instead of creating a spool request.

    Configuring user access:

    1. To access a report output created by a background job, a user must have at

    least access to SP01 (Spool requests) transaction without restriction on the user

    name (however by itself it will not let the user to see all spool requests). To have

    that access the user must have S_ADMI_FCD authorization object in the profile with

    SPOR (or SP01) value of S_ADMI_FCD parameter (maintained by Security).

    2. To access a particular job┬ĺs output in the spool, the user must have

    S_SPO_ACT object in the profile with SPOAUTH parameter matching the value used

    in the Print Specifications of the job (see p. 3.d above).

    3. Levels of access to the spool (display, print once, reprint, download, etc) are

    controlled by SPOACTION parameter of S_SPO_ACT. The user must have at least

    BASE access (display).

    On-line reports:

    1. Exactly the same configuration can be maintained for any output produced

    from R/3. If a user clicks “Parameters” button on a SAP Printer selection dialog, it

    allows to specify all the parameters as described in p. 3 of

    “Scheduling background jobs” section. Thus any output created by an online report

    can be saved and accessed by any user authorized to access that spool request

    (access restriction provided by the Authorization field of the spool request

    attributes, see p. 3.d of “Scheduling background jobs” section).

    Access to report┬ĺs output:

    1. A user that had proper access (see Configuring user access above) can

    retrieve a job/report output through transaction SP01.

    2. The selection screen can be configured by clicking “Further selection

    criteria┬ů┬ö button (e.g. to bring ┬ôSpool request name (suffix 2)┬ö field or hide other


    3. The following fields can be used to search for a specific output (Note that

    Created By must be blank when searching for scheduled job┬ĺs outputs)

    a. Spool request name (suffix 2) ┬ľ corresponds to a spool name in p. 3.b in

    “Scheduling background jobs” section above).

    b. Date created ┬ľ to find an output of a job that ran within a certain date range.

    c. Title ┬ľ corresponds to spool Title in p. 3.c in ┬ôScheduling background jobs┬ö

    section above).

    d. Department - corresponds to spool Department in p. 3.e in “Scheduling

    background jobs” section above).

    4. Upon entering selection criteria, the user clicks the Execute button to

    retrieve the list of matching spool requests.

    5. From the spool list the user can use several function such as view the

    content of a spool request, print the spool request, view attributed of the spool

    request, etc. (some functions may need special authorization, see p.3 in

    Configuring user access)

    a. Click the Print button to print the spool request with the default attributes

    (usually defined with the job definition). It will print it on a printer that was

    specified when a job was created.

    b. Click the “Print with changed attributed” button to print the spool request

    with the different attributes (e.g. changing the printer name).

    c. Click the “Display contents” button to preview the spool request contents. A

    Print and Download functions are available from the preview mode.

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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Senthil,

      While saving your variant one screen will appear

      In that tick the check box belongs to date field (Selction Variables) - L

      and save, it will go to new window.

      From there u calculate the date as (Current date -1, -2.........)

      and save the variant.

      Then the variant will pick the previous day.

      reward if helpful.