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How to bind an extension field to a standard field in yC4C with SAP Cloud Applications Studio

Jul 11, 2017 at 10:17 AM


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Dear experts,

I recently tried to extend the phone call activity in SAP Cloud Applications Studio.

I need an extension field which displays the phone number of the account which is stored in the activity.

I added the field like this:

[Extension] businessobject AP.PC.ActivityManagement.Global:Activity {

element Z_AccountPhoneNumber : LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_EXTENDED_Text;

node WorklistItem { } }

But now I see no possibility in UI Designer to bind this field to the right one in COD_PhoneCall.TI datamodel.

Is there another way to do this or something that I misunderstood?

Thank you and best regards,


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2 Answers

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Horst Schaude
Jul 12, 2017 at 12:45 PM

Hello Fabian,

Zoran described how to add the extension element to the UI, but I assume you want to know how to retrieve the data from the standard element?

BTW: Why do you use a 255 char long field to store a phone number?
Even the mobile numbers in Germany are (incl. country code) only 15 digits long.

. Horst

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Hello Horst,

that's right, I want to display the data from the standard field in my extension field, because the accounts phone number is not available in standard application on COD_PhoneCall.TI.

And I am using LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_EXTENDED_Text because I honestly had no idea which data type I should use, because as I understand the formatted number is stored as LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_ENCRYPTED_NUMBER_SHORT_Description, which cannot be used as a data type in business object extension?

Thank you and best regards,



Hello Fabian,

For the assignment of the accounts phone number you need some ABSL coding.

There are events available which are called if some data for a specific node is changed.
In you case you need to find the node and add the AfterModify event to it. Be aware that it is not possible to add an event to all nodes.

For the data type I suggest to use the data type DecimalValue with the annotation [Decimal(15,0)] if you need 15 digits.
For more details please have a look into the documentation. :-)

. Horst

Zoran Galijanic Jul 11, 2017 at 12:55 PM


In the attachment you may find screen shot of UI designer and steps for add extension field to standard BO.

Please not that step 4. is visible only after save & activate UI.



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