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Jun 15, 2007 at 09:22 PM

SAP_BUILDT does not show any contained DCs in CBS Web UI!!!!!


Hi All,

When I go to CBS Web UI to check the compartments for my buildspace, the 3 standard Software Components, SAP_JEE/BUILDT/JTECHS surprisingly do not have any contained DCs.

I just reimported the configuration in NDS and there also these 3 do not show up the necessary DCs. Thats why I am getting build errors also for my existing DCs.

Few days back, the server was upgraded to SP12 including the NWDI. The we had to apply Note No 896427 to remove the CBS Activation Error. In this process, we restored the system state in CMS -> Transport Studio. Since then the 3 standard software components do not show up the inner DCs.

How shall we bring back the standard DCs?

Will a Check In & Reimport of these 3 packages in Transport Studio help??