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Jun 15, 2007 at 09:15 PM

File FTP to AS400 Library folder


hi mates,

Using the receiver FTP adapter & content conversion, I'm dropping a file on AS400 in a library folder (/QSYS.LIB/XYZ.LIB/). The file is getting created with 'FILE' extension. When I download it on to my desktop and view it with wordpad, I see the actual contents and a line with non-readable character (the char looks line a box).

However, AS400 people say that the file is not usable for their programs. Because ithey run some SQL queries on it and that doesnt return any data and also when they view the content with their toold they see some non-readable characters.

What is the Receiver FTP config for dropping the fille onto a AS400 library?

I've tried using file type, Text with diff encodings given in file adapter help & Binary. It dint help.

Did any one do this kind of thing earlier? Am I missing something here.

I appreciate your inputs & references.