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Jun 15, 2007 at 04:20 PM

LSMW with CI on System i and an additional Windows Application Server 4.70


Hi together,

I have a really tricky problem to realize a parallel processing LSMW Workload.

In truth it isn't a problem to the parallel processing. It is a problem, how to declare the paths to the input files.

The LSMW is splittet in four steps:

1. Read data

2. Convert Data

3. Creating Batch Input File (IDOCS)

4. Start Direct Input Program

The first three points are using file in the IFS.

In the 13 points of LSMW there is point " 7 Specify Files" where I can customize paths to the real existing input and output-Files, which are stored at the IFS on System i.

For example:

Legacy Data          On the R/3 server (application server)                            
    Materialtexte                  /usr/sap/direct/lsmw/material/matsta_text.txt       

This works fine.

Now we have added a Windows Applications Server in front of the 2-Tier enviroment to have more performance to the BTC workprocesses. Now we have two servers shown in sm51. One is the central instance (CI) and the other is the application server (AS), which is working together with the CI.

<b>Now the big bug:</b> In the LSMW transaction, you can submit the job to batch (BTC) and can't choose the server (Instance) where the batchjob should run. So, sometimes the batchjob runs on the CI (iSeries) and sometimes the batchjob runs on the application server.

But this is the problem, because the files in the IFS are only stored at IFS on iSeries. And if the Job runs at the application-server, the files is not found, and the job end abnormal.

Now I tried to find a good solution. So I want to declare a patch in LSMW, that the batchjob is running successful at CI and AS.

So I tried:


But this is not really working, because the SAP WP can't find this file with this path.

There is a second possibility: Not to submit the batchjobs by pressing F9 in the transaction LSMW but making an extra job in sm36 for each job. Not very smart !

There is a third possibility: To duplicate the import Files to each Windows Application Server. Then it is possible to submit by pressing F9, whatever server will be used.

So my question is: What is the right way? There must be some poeple in the world who have done a migration with iSeries an Windows Application Server together? Or not?

best regards,


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