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Automation of Pricing Document Creation

Jul 13, 2017 at 11:15 AM


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Hi Experts

I need to automate creation of Pricing Document that is done manually using VKP5. While creating the document, the final price should be changed as per the input.

By using BAPI "BAPI_RPC_CALCULATE_PRICES" , I could create the pricing document. The problem is the BAPI is copying the final price from the original document and updating the same even though I am passing a different final Price.

Please let me know if anyone has worked in similar scenario or can explain how to handle this scenario.

Thanks in Advance.

Partha Protim Saha

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1 Answer

Aswani Kumar Penugonda Jul 24, 2017 at 12:27 PM

Hi Pratha,

What is your EHP version. I too faced a similar issue and we implemented a oss note. Please create a OSS message and SAP will suggest.



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Hi Aswani

The creation of document with updated pricing has been achieved. Looks like the currency is mandatory for price pupation. Once we have given the current price currency, the document was created with correct value.

Now there is another hiccup when I try to update the value based on percentage. I have passed the percentage to update the final price. Still the price remains same. Can you please let me know if there are any solutions to it.


Partha Protim Saha


It's usually not advisable to "piggy back" another question in the same thread. The SCN etiquette suggests closing the open question and opening a new one is the way to go.


Hi Partha,

Beside of the given instructions in the SAP incident, please note, that opening the SE37 with this BAPI, you can find a Function Module documentation, too.

On the bottom of this documentation, by clicking on the hyperlink of CALCITEMIN you will find further information regarding the currencies. Namely for different price fields different currency field needs to be filled.

Just to provide an update to the community members too: updating by percentage is available certainly, there seems to be a minor glitch only, and additionally the custom requirements defined in pricing have to be reviewed too.

Best regards,