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LM61 error " Operation not Possible"

Jul 12, 2017 at 01:03 PM


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Hi Experts,

I have a query on LM61 (unpack and repack against an outbound delivery).. After the TO confirmation, I’m able to empty the original HU / and auto pack in VL02N transaction. But when i try the same in LM61, When i click on unpack, I get message saying ” Operation not possible”.

ABAPer debugged the same and understood that If LIPS-HUPOS EQ ‘B’ or ‘C’, the error is raised.

A-Source sloc not HU managed Destination sloc HU managed

B-Source sloc HU managed Destination sloc not HU managed

C–Source sloc HU managed Destination sloc HU managed

I have both (partner and WM loc) with HU requirement. Even if i try to change the HU requirement for both locs in all combinations, still the same error.

Thanks i advance for the help

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1 Answer

shivakkumar Geetha venkatesan Jul 13, 2017 at 01:14 PM

Hi Antony,

Yes once you have confirmed TO. then you cannot empty or unpack it. Solution is moving the HU to difference location using LT09 and then transfer it to required location. if you have Partner location defined in SPRO- Logistics General- Handling unit management- Basics- Materials Management - Inventory Management- HU Requirement for storage location and Default Values for Deliveries. We can transfer from partner location.

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Hi Shiva,

Thanks for the reply. But I'm able to carryout the same in VL02N [after confirmation of TO (Source to 916) or after moving to 923 using LT09]

Any idea??


Hi Antony,

I'm facing the same issue, so my workaround is unpack with VL02N or BAPI PROCESS_HU_INBOUND_DLVRY and pack with RF LM61. I think at this point that is the only way to achieve your objective, i've been searching on sap notes and the result is nothing.


Yes Donny Noya SAP not released any notes. we need to request them. what you said is true. but Antony is looking for Complete step in LM61. I hope we need to check with SAP and also parallel with ABAPer. Please check the Profile is properly maintained.