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Exception Aggregation - strange behavior

Jul 12, 2017 at 10:09 AM


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Hi Gurus,

I have a cube with the following structure:

BEGIN     01.2016    3000 300 -140
BEGIN     05.2016    3400 200 -150
BEGIN     06.2016    3100 180 -130
INBETWEEN 01.2016    100
INBETWEEN 05.2016    500
INBETWEEN 06.2016    600
END       01.2016    1000 300 -140
END       05.2016    5000 200 -150
END       06.2016    5500 180 -130

I want to build a query with restrictions (FISCPER 05.2016-06.2016) which will show me:

CATEGORY  KF1   KF2   KF3   Comment
BEGIN     3400  200  -150  <- Line 05.2016 with MAX - Exc.Agg. by FISCPER 
INBETWEEN 2100             <- Just a sum of all values
END       6000  180  -130  <- Line 06.2016 with MIN - Exc.Agg. by FISCPER 

But I get an unpredictable behavior of the last KF:

CATEGORY  KF1   KF2   KF3   Comment
BEGIN     3400  200  -130  <- KF3 shows value from line 06.2016
INBETWEEN 2100             <- All ok
END       6000  180  -150  <- KF3 shows value from line 05.2016

What I can't understand, why only one KF3 has a reversed logic, despite all of them have the same settings on a query level and on an info-object level in rsa1 as well, where no exception aggregation is maintained!

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1 Answer

Koen Hesters Jul 12, 2017 at 11:51 AM


minus 130 is correct because it is your max value, if you want to see minus 150, you chould have min in stead of max as ex agg on that KF



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I've also noticed that MIN and MAX values are reversed, but all the KF on a line have the same aggregation function - MAX or MIN. So why only one KF takes right or wrong value?


the max value for BEGIN KF3 is -130, that is correct, it does not show wrong value

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Ok, but what about KF1 and KF2, they have the same settings but show wrong result.



KF1 set to max should give 3400

KF2 set to max should give 200

KF3 set to min should give -150

if there is a cell coalision or something happening check for it and create cell definitions

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That's it! that in the line "Begin" - all thre KF are set to MAX, but KF3 works like MIN is set.

In a real example to find an error I do a filtering on a Category = Begin, so no cells collision.


yeah but you have KF in your selection structure in your rows and KF in your columns, nO?

so go to cells and define In each cell what should happen Min or max

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Yepp, I had that, but then the error has been found and I've simplified the query as much as possible.

We can just imagine, that I have a filter on Category = Begin and that's all.

Anyway thanks for the help!


you're welcome