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Jul 12, 2017 at 08:29 AM

[sapui5; webide] Error when Pull request from remote repository



When I pull remote repository to my local branch in SAP Web Ide, I’ve got this problem with GIT:

3:13:49 PM (git) Pull request failed No merge base could be determined. Reason=CONFLICTS_DURING_MERGE_BASE_CALCULATION. "More than 200 merge bases for:
a ac84124fd128aa579db65693b36be11b5d9a3575
b 1b9e27eb78bed7f9ec40517fee32dfb0a5504ef7 found:
count 2"

I’ve searched but found no solution, the only solution is mentioned here.

They suggest to update the git version to higher version, but it seems unable to do so in sap web IDE. The Web IDE also does not support git command line so there’s no solution to get over this bug.

(my remote repository is bitbucket)

Could you please support this case?

Thanks a lot!