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Viz Frame display combined chart

Jul 11, 2017 at 12:15 PM


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I want to display more than one viz chart in the same frame .

I have in the beginnig an initial chart in a dialog popup, and when i click on a button add , i have to choose any other element to show its graph . but when i select the new element , i just get the new graph without getting the initial one .

This is the code of my viz frame :

<layout:FixFlex id='chartFixFlex' minFlexSize="250">
				            <viz:Popover id="idPopOver"></viz:Popover>
				            <viz:VizFrame id="idVizFrame" uiConfig="{applicationSet:'fiori'}"
				                height='400px' width="100%" vizType='timeseries_line'>
				                    < data="{/}">
				                            < name="{i18n>DATE}"
				                                value="{date}" dataType="date"/>
				                            < name="{Dialog>/valueUnit}" identity="ValueUnit"
				                                value="{Value}" />	
				                              < name="{Dialog>/valueUnit}" identity="ValueUnit"
				                                value="{Value}" />	
				                    <viz.feeds:FeedItem uid="valueAxis" type="Measure"
				                        values="ValueUnit" />  
				                    <viz.feeds:FeedItem uid="timeAxis" type="Dimension"
				                        values="{i18n>DATE}" />

And this is how i call function to draw the chart :


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1 Answer

Chapman Wong
Jan 04 at 09:51 AM

Sorry, I am confused. You said your user "have to choose any other element" to show it's graph. Now you wish to show the initial graph, but not the new graph, even your user have chosen a new element...

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