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POD date as billing date

There is helpful information on the net to technically setup (code) this business need.

Has a clear example -

Goods dispatched from the factory - 1st Nov

Goods reached at customer's depot - 3rd Nov

POD Confirmation by customer - 3rd Nov

Billing done after POD Confirmation on 3rd Nov.

The billing date should be 3rd of Nov but standard SAP picks up 1st Nov as the billing date. Does anyone know how to modify this?



Question - Why do companies request for the POD date to overwrite the Billing date in the SAP billing documents?

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3 Answers

  • Jul 10, 2017 at 03:50 PM

    It all depend on the agreement in between customer and business

    Consider a scenario where you have an agreement with a customer to make the payment after 10 days of material receipt

    so in this scenario POD date is more important as the agreement is 10 days after physical receipt of material at customer premises.

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    • Thanks Manish!

      The SAP standard design is to have the PGI date as the Billing date. So, is the business scenario explained by you less frequent? Also, this example will not be possible without implementing POD functionality.

      When a company has been working without POD for years, and chooses to implement it. What could be the reason to have such a request?

  • Jul 13, 2017 at 10:50 AM

    Hello TW,

    One of the reason for having POD Date as Billing could be to influence Revenue Recognition in Finance.

    Take an example of below scenarios:

    Incoterms = EXW Plant Name (Mostly location of Sellers Factory) - Here the Ownership of goods passed moment Buyer (or his carrier) picks the goods from Sellers factory and Revenue can be immediately recognized.

    Incoterms = DDP Plant Name (Mostly location of Buyer) - Here the responsibility of shipping and paying customs duty is with seller and ownership passes only once the goods are delivered to Buyers place. I feel in this case the Revenue can be Recognized only once Buyer received the goods and hence the need of having POD Data as Billing Date.

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  • Jul 12, 2017 at 04:30 PM


    From your post, I understand that you assume that the POD date is the date on which the customer receives the material. In other words, the Actual Delivery date.

    What if the POD date is not the actual goods receipt date, then what is the benefit of having the POD date to overwrite the Billing date?

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    • Goods are rejected by the customer site.

      No EDI interface setup between Customer and Company. No IDoc.

      The company wants to check the rejected goods at their own warehouse. And then confirm the rejected quantity. They would enter this in the POD confirmation transaction VLPOD of the outbound delivery in column "QtyDiffSalesU" and thus calculate the POD quantity (Dlv Qty minus QtyDiff). When the user executes this transaction, that is the date on which POD date is marked / given.

      So basically, it is not proof by the customer but it is proof / confirmation by the company warehouse staff when the rejected quantity is PGR. For the return process, there is Return Order > Return Delivery > PGR.

      Re order has the outbound delivery no. in one of the header fields.


      Delivery date = 10-Jul-17

      Good rejected, RE order, RE delivery created = 12-Jul-17

      PGR = 19-Jul-17

      POD date on the outbound delivery = 19-Jul-17 (and not 10-Jul-17)