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Is ist possible to automatically create shift allowances?


a customer of ours works in shifts. His employees get shift allowances depending on the shift times (evenening hours, etc.) .

In the ByD system he report on the working hours (start, end) and automatically deducted the pauses.

For payroll data transfer to his payroll provider he will need to set up te shift allowandces/surcharges.

Is there any way to do this automatically in ByD?

Kind regards,


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3 Answers

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    Aug 29, 2017 at 04:40 AM

    Hello Klaus,

    Currently in ByDesign it is not possible to automatically assign shift premiums to the times recorded by the employee. The Employee or Time Administrator must manually enter the Premium Pay field, which could be based on the Start Time and End Time of the time recording.

    Automatic premium assignment: the system is able to determine the overtime hours and assign a premium to these overtime hours via the Time Recording Profile. The Time Recording Profiles can be set up in Business Configuration, and the profiles themselves be assigned to the employee in their Time File. However, this overtime determination is done only via Thresholds, and not via the start time and end time, which you need for automatic shift premium determination.

    If this is an important feature that is required urgently by the customer, I would recommend that the determination of the Shift premium be done via an add-on in ByD Cloud Studio. The relevant attributes in the Employee Time Business Object are part of the Public Solution Model, and can be filled in via the custom code in Cloud Studio.

    I hope this clarifies your question.

    Sandeep Janardan
    Business ByDesign Product Management

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  • Jul 13, 2017 at 04:51 PM

    What is a "ByD system" ?

    In SAP, through Time Evaluation, it is possible to automatically generate an "Evening Shift Premium" or "Night Shift Premium" Wage Type with the associated number of hours, on a Daily Basis, specially if you have the Start/End Times, and it should be even easier if you also have the Break Times.

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    • So how does Time Evaluation work in ByD?

      If you have "Time-in" and "Time-out" times, and the Business Rules are defined, you should be able to generate the information required by the Payroll Third Party to pay Premiums and BasicPay.

  • Aug 31, 2017 at 05:56 AM

    Hi Sundeep,

    thank you for your answer. When will this be solved in ByD. And to the PDI solution: I think we will face problems? See the following structure:

    • The customer has night shifts (22:00h-06:00h)
    • Shift allowances will be:
    • Nightshift (not taxable) 20:00h-24:00h ->2h
    • Nightshift (not taxable) 00:00h->04:00h -> 4h - next day!
    • Nighshift (partly taxable) 04:00h-06:00h -> 2h) - next day!

    The employee will post his attandance time 22:00h->06:00h.

    The PDI solution has to fragment that to the three types of nightshifts. Therefore the same time type has to be posted with additinal primium pay information.

    As the shifts lasts over midnight each this changes will result in a situation, where ByD is not able to aggregate the shift times. How can that be handled? The correct way would be to post the attandance time and additionally divide it to "sub" times. Is there any way to do this?

    Kind regards,


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