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Jun 13, 2007 at 06:22 PM

Queue names in SMW01



We are transferring quotations & orders from R/3 to CRM. Both of them have 'Z' transaction types and everything is working fine. But I have noticed in the SMW01 log that transaction types for warranties are also coming through to CRM(this has been happening for quite sometime now). But they dont actually get created because we have not defined the 'ZWAR' document type(R/3) for warranty in CRM. So there is no question of warranties getting created in CRM.

The filter setting is defined in the 'SALESDOCUMENT' object type in R3AC1 where we are allowing only orders but not warranties. But why do I see the BDOC log in SMW01 transaction if I have already filtered that in R3AC1? I tried to display the BDOC data it says there is no data in the BDOC, I guess there is no actual BDOC but there is a log with a BDOC message ID.

Of course this is not an issue for us as there are no warranties created in CRM, they are just coming inside smw01 and falling off from there.

But I want to know if there is anyway this BDOC log itself can be stopped from coming into SMW01. Is there any setting that I can stop this queue? Also I see the message queue name SMQ2 appearing momentarily.

Any suggestions are appreciated.