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How to do percentile calculation in webi 4.1

Jul 12, 2017 at 05:07 PM


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I am stuck in this for over a week and I need to get over this. I have a measure "TAT" that shows the turn around times of over 10000 applications, but now I want to apply aggregate function(average) on top 90% of the values only(which would give me the average of least TAT). Can anyone help me out on this. I have tried ranking but that enables me to have that only with a dimension along with it such as application id. Is there any way by which I can have the required average in another variable, so that I can easily use it. Thanks in advance

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Can you share the sample data image.


Encircled fields are the required ones. I wish to create variables that calculate the corresponding results.

problemsnap.jpg (94.9 kB)

I can achieve this through ranking. But that doesnot allow me to sync my data in this report. Go through the images according to their serial numbers.image1.jpgsnap-2.jpg snap-3.jpgsnap-4.jpg

image1.jpg (212.9 kB)
snap-2.jpg (44.8 kB)
snap-3.jpg (77.5 kB)
snap-4.jpg (35.9 kB)
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Nilesh Mishra Jul 28, 2017 at 12:10 PM

The issue has been resolved

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