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Permanent Dashboard (Desing studio application built bij Composition template)

Hi ,

We have provided our users the Composition template to allows them to create bookmark fragments and use these to creat their own dashboards (URL's). These url's are placed on a Zebrix NUC that is connected to a TV-screen (as a permanent dashbord)

Cosidering this post:

What I would like to know if you think it is possible to implement a timer in dashboards that are created using the composition application.

I've implemented a timer into the composition dashboard (application with splitcell containers where fragments are dropped and where an application is saved (using above implmentation of custom.jsp file.) with no succes. The application did not refresh.

I have implemented this code code on the timer event which has an interval of 1500000.

this is the code that has been added:

TIMER.start() method in the application "On Startup" event to initiate the Timer.

var myDataSources = SPLITCELLCONTAINER_1.getDataSources();
var firstDataSource = myDataSources[0];

Do i need any other code ??

Since the datasource is integrated in the fragments I'm wondering if i even can reset them ?

Thanks in avance


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  • Hi Bram,

    Have you tried triggering an application message in the "On Timer" event to confirm that the code in the Timer is actually being triggered?



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    Jul 12, 2017 at 11:31 PM

    Hi Bram,

    Here's another thought further to my previous comment. If the requirement to execute a reloadData() is only to keep the dashboard "active" and prevent a timeout rather than actually refreshing the data, you could try adding a "dummy" data source to the main application which returns only one row and execute the reloadData() on this data source. Since this dummy data source is independent of the fragment data sources, I expect that the reloadData() method should work as desired.



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