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Email id in the blog

Above blog has the email id of the author with a ps message to moderator. Found the alert button however after pressing that, got a message from Moderator that he "A moderator did not agree to your alert", isn't it a violation of rule of engagement providing email id in the post / thread

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2 Answers

  • Jul 12, 2017 at 10:02 AM

    Well, is the email id still there? ;) I couldn't find one.

    I think the moderator was still suffering from the old alert system, when agreeing with an alert meant deleting the content. Back then they needed to disagree with the alert and then edit the content. I would guess the same happened here, if the reported email address is gone.




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    • Yep, email is no longer there, it seems. It's certainly not OK to post emails in the blogs or questions and it's rather stupid thing to do on a public website, anyway.

      FWIW once I got a notification "moderator agreed" but the post was not changed or deleted. Even posted a question about it but it was under the old profile, too lazy to search.

      New SCN is full of possibilities! :)

  • Jul 17, 2017 at 08:27 PM

    and the issue was...some unlucky circumstances.

    - the email address was in a comment to the blog

    - comments do not have an alert option

    - the alert was hence made on the blog itself

    - the moderator did it it right, by not agreeing to the alert of the blog as the blog itself was totally fine.

    - the moderator edited the comment and removed the email address and left a comment there.

    - the moderator also left an editorial comment in the blog itself

    - unfortunately the edited comment does not pop up in the activities or notifications of the alerter

    - also the editorial comments are only visible to the blog author and other moderators and are not visible to the alerter.

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