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Reg: List class in ALV Oops

Hi All,

I have a doubt regarding alv oops.Can we have list class in ALV Oops???

If there is any document regarding this please share it.



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    Posted on Jun 13, 2007 at 05:53 AM


    Check this link



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    Posted on Jun 13, 2007 at 05:53 AM


    see this

    OOPs ABAP uses Classes and Interfaces which uses Methods and events.

    If you have Java skills it is advantage for you.

    There are Local classes as well as Global Classes.

    Local classes we can work in SE38 straight away.

    But mostly it is better to use the Global classes.

    Global Classes or Interfaces are to be created in SE24.

    SAP already given some predefined classes and Interfaces.

    This OOPS concepts very useful for writing BADI's also.

    So first create a class in SE 24.

    Define attributes, Methods for that class.

    Define parameters for that Method.

    You can define event handlers also to handle the messages.

    After creation in each method write the code.

    Methods are similar to ABAP PERFORM -FORM statements.

    After the creation of CLass and methods come to SE38 and create the program.

    In the program create a object type ref to that class and with the help of that Object call the methods of that Class and display the data.


    REPORT sapmz_hf_alv_grid .

    • Type pool for icons - used in the toolbar

    TYPE-POOLS: icon.

    TABLES: zsflight.

    • To allow the declaration of o_event_receiver before the

    • lcl_event_receiver class is defined, decale it as deferred in the

    • start of the program

    CLASS lcl_event_receiver DEFINITION DEFERRED.


    • G L O B A L I N T E R N A L T A B L E S


    *DATA: gi_sflight TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF sflight.

    • To include a traffic light and/or color a line the structure of the

    • table must include fields for the traffic light and/or the color

    TYPES: BEGIN OF st_sflight.


    • Field for traffic light

    TYPES: traffic_light TYPE c.

    • Field for line color

    types: line_color(4) type c.

    TYPES: END OF st_sflight.

    TYPES: tt_sflight TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF st_sflight.

    DATA: gi_sflight TYPE tt_sflight.


    • G L O B A L D A T A


    DATA: ok_code LIKE sy-ucomm,

    • Work area for internal table

    g_wa_sflight TYPE st_sflight,

    • ALV control: Layout structure

    gs_layout TYPE lvc_s_layo.

    • Declare reference variables to the ALV grid and the container


    go_grid TYPE REF TO cl_gui_alv_grid,

    go_custom_container TYPE REF TO cl_gui_custom_container,

    o_event_receiver TYPE REF TO lcl_event_receiver.


    • Work area for screen 200

    g_screen200 LIKE zsflight.

    • Data for storing information about selected rows in the grid


    • Internal table

    gi_index_rows TYPE lvc_t_row,

    • Information about 1 row

    g_selected_row LIKE lvc_s_row.


    • C L A S S E S


    CLASS lcl_event_receiver DEFINITION.



    handle_toolbar FOR EVENT toolbar OF cl_gui_alv_grid


    e_object e_interactive,

    handle_user_command FOR EVENT user_command OF cl_gui_alv_grid

    IMPORTING e_ucomm.



    • CLASS lcl_event_receiver IMPLEMENTATION


    CLASS lcl_event_receiver IMPLEMENTATION.

    METHOD handle_toolbar.

    • Event handler method for event toolbar.


    • Constants for button type

    c_button_normal TYPE i VALUE 0,

    c_menu_and_default_button TYPE i VALUE 1,

    c_menu TYPE i VALUE 2,

    c_separator TYPE i VALUE 3,

    c_radio_button TYPE i VALUE 4,

    c_checkbox TYPE i VALUE 5,

    c_menu_entry TYPE i VALUE 6.


    ls_toolbar TYPE stb_button.

    • Append seperator to the normal toolbar

    CLEAR ls_toolbar.

    MOVE c_separator TO ls_toolbar-butn_type..

    APPEND ls_toolbar TO e_object->mt_toolbar.

    • Append a new button that to the toolbar. Use E_OBJECT of

    • event toolbar. E_OBJECT is of type CL_ALV_EVENT_TOOLBAR_SET.

    • This class has one attribute MT_TOOLBAR which is of table type

    • TTB_BUTTON. The structure is STB_BUTTON

    CLEAR ls_toolbar.

    MOVE 'CHANGE' TO ls_toolbar-function.

    MOVE icon_change TO ls_toolbar-icon.

    MOVE 'Change flight' TO ls_toolbar-quickinfo.

    MOVE 'Change' TO ls_toolbar-text.

    MOVE ' ' TO ls_toolbar-disabled.

    APPEND ls_toolbar TO e_object->mt_toolbar.


    METHOD handle_user_command.

    • Handle own functions defined in the toolbar

    CASE e_ucomm.


    PERFORM change_flight.






    • S T A R T - O F - S E L E C T I O N.



    SET SCREEN '100'.


    *& Module USER_COMMAND_0100 INPUT


    MODULE user_command_0100 INPUT.

    CASE ok_code.

    WHEN 'EXIT'.





    *& Module STATUS_0100 OUTPUT


    MODULE status_0100 OUTPUT.


    • For parameter IS_VARIANT that is sued to set up options for storing

    • the grid layout as a variant in method set_table_for_first_display

    l_layout TYPE disvariant,

    • Utillity field

    l_lines TYPE i.

    • After returning from screen 200 the line that was selected before

    • going to screen 200, should be selected again. The table gi_index_rows

    • was the output table from the GET_SELECTED_ROWS method in form


    DESCRIBE TABLE gi_index_rows LINES l_lines.

    IF l_lines > 0.

    CALL METHOD go_grid->set_selected_rows


    it_index_rows = gi_index_rows.

    CALL METHOD cl_gui_cfw=>flush.

    REFRESH gi_index_rows.


    • Read data and create objects

    IF go_custom_container IS INITIAL.

    • Read data from datbase table

    PERFORM get_data.

    • Create objects for container and ALV grid

    CREATE OBJECT go_custom_container

    EXPORTING container_name = 'ALV_CONTAINER'.

    CREATE OBJECT go_grid


    i_parent = go_custom_container.

    • Create object for event_receiver class

    • and set handlers

    CREATE OBJECT o_event_receiver.

    SET HANDLER o_event_receiver->handle_user_command FOR go_grid.

    SET HANDLER o_event_receiver->handle_toolbar FOR go_grid.

    • Layout (Variant) for ALV grid

    l_layout-report = sy-repid. "Layout fo report


    • Setup the grid layout using a variable of structure lvc_s_layo


    • Set grid title

    gs_layout-grid_title = 'Flights'.

    • Selection mode - Single row without buttons

    • (This is the default mode

    gs_layout-sel_mode = 'B'.

    • Name of the exception field (Traffic light field) and the color

    • field + set the exception and color field of the table

    gs_layout-excp_fname = 'TRAFFIC_LIGHT'.

    gs_layout-info_fname = 'LINE_COLOR'.

    LOOP AT gi_sflight INTO g_wa_sflight.

    IF g_wa_sflight-paymentsum < 100000.

    • Value of traffic light field

    g_wa_sflight-traffic_light = '1'.

    • Value of color field:

    • C = Color, 6=Color 1=Intesified on, 0: Inverse display off

    g_wa_sflight-line_color = 'C610'.

    ELSEIF g_wa_sflight-paymentsum => 100000 AND

    g_wa_sflight-paymentsum < 1000000.

    g_wa_sflight-traffic_light = '2'.


    g_wa_sflight-traffic_light = '3'.


    MODIFY gi_sflight FROM g_wa_sflight.


    • Grid setup for first display

    CALL METHOD go_grid->set_table_for_first_display

    EXPORTING i_structure_name = 'SFLIGHT'

    is_variant = l_layout

    i_save = 'A'

    is_layout = gs_layout

    CHANGING it_outtab = gi_sflight.

    *-- End of grid setup -

    • Raise event toolbar to show the modified toolbar

    CALL METHOD go_grid->set_toolbar_interactive.

    • Set focus to the grid. This is not necessary in this

    • example as there is only one control on the screen

    CALL METHOD cl_gui_control=>set_focus EXPORTING control = go_grid.




    *& Module USER_COMMAND_0200 INPUT


    MODULE user_command_0200 INPUT.

    CASE ok_code.

    WHEN 'EXIT200'.



    PERFORM save_changes.




    *& Form get_data


    FORM get_data.

    • Read data from table SFLIGHT

    SELECT *

    FROM zsflight

    INTO TABLE gi_sflight.

    ENDFORM. " load_data_into_grid


    *& Form change_flight


    • Reads the contents of the selected row in the grid, ans transfers

    • the data to screen 200, where it can be changed and saved.


    FORM change_flight.

    DATA:l_lines TYPE i.

    REFRESH gi_index_rows.

    CLEAR g_selected_row.

    • Read index of selected rows

    CALL METHOD go_grid->get_selected_rows


    et_index_rows = gi_index_rows.

    • Check if any row are selected at all. If not

    • table gi_index_rows will be empty

    DESCRIBE TABLE gi_index_rows LINES l_lines.

    IF l_lines = 0.



    textline1 = 'You must choose a line'.



    • Read indexes of selected rows. In this example only one

    • row can be selected as we are using gs_layout-sel_mode = 'B',

    • so it is only ncessary to read the first entry in

    • table gi_index_rows

    LOOP AT gi_index_rows INTO g_selected_row.

    IF sy-tabix = 1.

    READ TABLE gi_sflight INDEX g_selected_row-index INTO g_wa_sflight.



    • Transfer data from the selected row to screenm 200 and show

    • screen 200

    CLEAR g_screen200.

    MOVE-CORRESPONDING g_wa_sflight TO g_screen200.

    LEAVE TO SCREEN '200'.

    ENDFORM. " change_flight


    *& Form save_changes


    • Changes made in screen 200 are written to the datbase table

    • zsflight, and to the grid table gi_sflight, and the grid is

    • updated with method refresh_table_display to display the changes


    FORM save_changes.

    DATA: l_traffic_light TYPE c.

    • Update traffic light field

    • Update database table

    MODIFY zsflight FROM g_screen200.

    • Update grid table , traffic light field and color field.

    • Note that it is necessary to use structure g_wa_sflight

    • for the update, as the screen structure does not have a

    • traffic light field

    MOVE-CORRESPONDING g_screen200 TO g_wa_sflight.

    IF g_wa_sflight-paymentsum < 100000.

    g_wa_sflight-traffic_light = '1'.

    • C = Color, 6=Color 1=Intesified on, 0: Inverse display off

    g_wa_sflight-line_color = 'C610'.

    ELSEIF g_wa_sflight-paymentsum => 100000 AND

    g_wa_sflight-paymentsum < 1000000.

    g_wa_sflight-traffic_light = '2'.

    clear g_wa_sflight-line_color.


    g_wa_sflight-traffic_light = '3'.

    clear g_wa_sflight-line_color.


    MODIFY gi_sflight INDEX g_selected_row-index FROM g_wa_sflight.

    • Refresh grid

    CALL METHOD go_grid->refresh_table_display.

    CALL METHOD cl_gui_cfw=>flush.

    LEAVE TO SCREEN '100'.

    ENDFORM. " save_changes

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