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Assign ticket to 'Me' when creating it manually

Jul 11, 2017 at 11:00 AM


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Is it possible in C4C to assign a ticket automatically to myself when I create it manually? How do I have to configure this?

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2 Answers

Fabio Damasceno
Jul 12, 2017 at 11:21 PM

Hello Jan!
Can you please detail more your scenario reported? For example, you are in a employee or customer support scenario?

I believe you should evaluate possibilities with workflow rules; you can create a workflow rule to trigger on creation of a ticket (Step 1) that has 'Source' field as "Manual Data Entry"(Conditions, Step 2), making a Field Update (Actions, Step 3).

We hope this can make the discussion to continue towards a solution for you =)

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Jan Bos Jul 13, 2017 at 01:43 PM

We are in an employee support scenario.

When we create a ticket manually, by default it is not assigned to anybody. In our scenario, an agent is creating the ticket and we want that the manually created ticket is assigned to the agent.

I have tried to setup a workflow rule for this.

- Business Object - Ticket, Timing - On Create Only, Rule Type: Field Update.

It is possible to update the field value, however, I only can configure a value. Is it possible to put in a kind of placeholder that is replaced by the current user/agent?

Or do I have to follow another path to get the ticket assigned to the current user/agent?

Many thanks,

Jan Bos

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Hi Jan,

If you could wait a few days, the 1708 release has the feature to copy value from another field with a field update. If not, you could write some bespoke code to set the ProcessorParty field.

Best Regards,


Hi Preethi,

Thanks for pointing me at the new functionality to assign the value of another field to the field. However, this doesn't result in what we want.

I created a workflow rule on Business Object 'Ticket'. As condition we have set that it only should be executed when 'Source' is 'Manual data entry'.

Action: Rule type - Field update

Field: Agent ID (Business Partner ID)

Update Type: Copy From Field

Field: Reported By ID

When an agent creates a ticket, the Employee ID (for who the ticket is created) is assigned to the 'Assigned To' field, instead of the agent who created the ticket.

Any ideas on this?

Kind regards,

Jan Bos