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IS-U - Tcode ES31 (Installation) Enhancement - Custom Fields Update

Jul 11, 2017 at 10:36 AM


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Hello experts,

I have a requirement to add and maintain custom fields in ES31/ES32 (Installation) screen.

a. I have added the required fields in CI_EANL and designed subscreen through module pool.

b. Created project and added enhancement EMDI0001.

c. Used EXIT_SAPLES30_003 to pass data from table to screen.

Issue: Data is not getting saved from screen to table. Tried EXIT_SAPLES30_005 and EXIT_SAPLES30_007 to update the values from screen but its not happening.

Please let me know if anyone can help me on this.

Regards, Abbas

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Harald Lesche-Holzbecher
Jul 12, 2017 at 02:08 PM

Did you check:

  • FM EXIT_SAPLES30_005 is called?
  • CI-fields of parameter XY_EANLSD are set?
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Hi Harald,

First of all thanks for your response.

1. Called EXIT_SAPLES30_005.

2. XY_EANLSD doesn't contain CI(Custom Include) fields added in EANL table in CI_EANL. So I am passing screen values to Y_SUB_OBJ-EANL. However, Y_SUB_OBJ is not changing/saving the values in db.

Please let me know, if there is any scope of writing the screen values to XY_EANLSD, as you suggested.



Well, XY_EANLSD is of structure EANLSD with
(at least from IS-UT 600++)
So I'm wondering why it doesn't contain fields added by CI_EANL


Hi Herald,

Thanks for your response.

Currently we are using below version of Utility:
Comp.:IS-UT; Rel.: 801; SP-L: 0001; SP: SAPK-80101INISUT

And EANLSD Structure contains only below includes.

One more include it contains is "/SAPCE/IU_BBHUEANL - Customer include for CI_EANL (IS-U HU Localization)". Not sure if the required CI_EANL Include is missing due to some Localization setting of Hungary.

Please let me know if you have any idea about this.



Hi Abbas,
well I checked in our maintenance system for 801.

There in structure EANLDATA a new include UTILSINST_INCL_EEW_PS was introduced containing CI_EANL.

Please check following note, how to add this:

2463686 - IS-U: CI_EANL is missing in EANLDATA after S4H conversion

Regards Harald


Hi Harald,

Thanks a ton. By using the given Note(2463686), the issue got fixed.

Many thanks.