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Jun 12, 2007 at 06:52 PM

Amount release triggered at document posting, not parking


Our objective is to have senior accounting personnel approve/release journal entries that exceed a certain value, say $100,000. We have configured the release function for parked documents, using workflow WS10000051 with business object 'FIPP', event "COMPLETED" and release amount of $100,000. However, this appears to assume that staff have authorization only for parking, because if you have posting authorization, nothing stops you from posting a document over $100,000. It seems illogical that you have to exceed a certain $ value before the release will trigger, but if your document is below the amount, you can't post it because you can only park.

In order to avoid making approvers release every single journal entry, what we want is for users to be able to post any document below $100,000.00, but be forced to park ( save as completed) all documents >/= this limit. We tried setting up a validation on the document amount, but the error message forces us to exit completely, i.e. doesn't allow us to park the document.

Is there perhaps a different workflow that triggers at the point of posting, rather than parking, that will accomplish what we want?