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Jun 12, 2007 at 04:05 PM

where is the configuration for revaluation of FX to GL


we have a number of transactions in which a supplier in Germany packs product for us and sends that product directly to our Atlanta plant for storage. They invoice us in Palm Beach,FL for the product and we charge it to Manufacturing. That is an intercompany transaction. The original invoice is denominated in Euros and we never settle the intercompany transactions with Chicago so they stay outstanding forever. SAP does a revaluation entry every month and the FX effect hits our GL account xx100. That is a P&L account and affects our operating results. There should be no P&L effect to intercompany transactions. We have other intercompany documents with other of our entities, but SAP posts the FX effect on those to GL acct yy200, which is a balance sheet account and does not affect results.

We need these SAP monthly revaluations to post to yy200 and not xx100. Is it possible to configure SAP so that currency transactions related to intercompany documents post to GL account yy200 instead of xx100?


Here is my question : How to proceed ? where is the configuration for revaluation of FX to GL Account?

Thanks in adavance