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how to print DMS document on SAP printer

I have to print DMS document from application program with out displaying the document.At the same time print should reach the printer of the warehouse.

Please anybody in the forum help me on the problem.

I appreciate with reward points for anyone if problem gets fixed.

Thanks and Regards

Syed Samdani

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5 Answers

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    Jun 12, 2007 at 10:33 AM



    SAP DMS are for storing documents such as CAD drawings, Materials pictures etc.

    With the document management system, users will be able to view the documents with ease within their SAP systems.

    Installing the SAP DMS requires a little bit of planning on how you want to do it.

    You have to give a little thoughts to stuff such as :-

    1. The total numbers of documents that will be store monthly.

    2. The average file size of each documents.

    3. The capacity of your present R/3 system.

    4. Your present network bandwidth.

    5. Document Archiving Strategy.

    6. Backup and Recovery Plan.

    Additional purchasing of hardware are required, especially if you have large amount of documents to stored.

    With this in mind, you can then decide on how you want to do it.

    You can do this in a few ways :-

    1. Import the documents into the R/3 system.

    2. Use an external document server.

    3. Have a dedicated PCs where all the documents are stored.

    Most companies that intend to used DMS will opt for Option 2 as they does not want to overstretch the R/3 database.

    Options 1 requires you to setup the conversion interface.

    The conversion interface allows R/3 to automatically covert your files and import it into the R/3 database.

    Here is a simple example of storing documents into your PCs, just to have a feel how the SAP DMS works:-

    For those using Citrix, you have to set this at the Citrix Server where the SAPGUI is located.

    Configure SM30 - V_TDWE_C1

    Put this command in your autoexec.bat


    Restart your pc.

    You can create/manage your documents in transaction code CV01N / CV02N

    Assigning Documents to a Material Master Record

    Access a material master record in Create or Change mode, and select Basic Data.

    To create links to documents, choose Additional data -> Document data.

    The Link to Documents dialog box appears.

    Assign one or more documents to the material.

    If you do not know what the document number is, you can search for it using the search help or by choosing Find document.

    When assigning a document to a material, you have the following options:

    1. Viewing the document by choosing it in the Link to Documents dialog box.

    2. Viewing any originals of the document by positioning the cursor on the document and

    choosing Display originals in the Link to Documents dialog box.

    To return to the Basic Data screen, choose Continue.

    Save your data.

    It is under cross application components in SPRO

    For blue print use Check this link also



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Has anyone got a solution for printing pdf from spool when the pdf is gernerated other than from SAP. One can easily get pdf to spool using ADS_GET_PATH, ADS_SR_CONFIRM and ADS_SR_CLOSE.

      We have SEAL but are now trying to get away from that 3rd party software and handle most of our prod order printing via another process using ipad interfacing.

      Seems to me weak to have DMS and yet you can not print pdf in background utilizing spool files.

      Anyone got sucess with printing DMS pdf FILES from spool?

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    Jun 12, 2007 at 03:50 PM

    <b>function modules</b>




    i am using the above FM but i could not able to achieve the objective.My objective is to print the DMS document from SAP printer.

    Kindly reply ASAP, I have one urgent requirement.

    Thanks and Regards

    Syed Samdani

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    Jul 26, 2007 at 11:00 AM

    Dear all,

    Do you manage to get the files printed from SAP printer? i have similar requirement where we need to print the dwf file (drawing) from DMS in background.

    is there any solution for this? Do we need any installation or software to support this type of files in order to print?

    Let me know if you have any idea for this.


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    Jan 23, 2014 at 05:07 PM

    Hi all,

    has anyone found a solution how to print pdf from spool and not from a client application?

    Any input/advise on this issue will be greatly appreciated.


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    • Former Member

      Hi All,

      Did anyone get any solution for printing from DMS server i have the same requirement kindly help




  • Aug 27, 2014 at 12:03 AM

    Hi Syed,

    I do have similar requirement. Did you get sample code?


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    • Hi,

      I hope I understand the question correctly, that the requirement is to print files of PDF, Word or other applications from SAP. If this is the case there are a few options available:

      1. It is told, that SAP can print PDF (even non Adobe interactive Forms PDF) directly if an up-to-date pdfprint is installed. There are OSS notes for this, but I was not able to get this running in our system (maybe due to an too old SAP release).
      2. Using external converter as already proposed. There is the SAP BC-XDC interface which connects an external converter to SAP. This converter converts application data (PDF, Word) into Spool data (PCL, PostScript). This interface is integrated in SAP Standard (PM, Folders Management) and can be used in customer programs. Customers of us are using this technique.
      3. Using propriatery print solutions: there are other solutions available which you can pass your DMS documents and this solution send this to an print server and print this without using SAP spool. As for 2. an external server, the software and the integration is required.


      Lars (SEAL Systems)