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Jun 12, 2007 at 09:02 AM

I need a Result Like this in BEx


<b>Query 1</b>


<b>I have three chars Material,Region, FiscalYearPeriod</b>

<b>one Key Figure Quantiy</b>

I have placed objects like this

<b>In Rows I have placed Material,Region</b>

<b>In Columns I have placed Fiscal Year/Period,Quantity</b>

result for the 4th & 5th month

Because I need the Result like this

<b>Material Region 042007 052007</b>

Material1 Region1 40 Ton 50 Ton

Material1 Region2 60 Ton 70 Ton

Material1 Region3 80 Ton 20 Ton

Material2 Region1 50 Ton 40 Ton

Material2 Region2 60 Ton 35 Ton

Material3 Region1 70 Ton 45 Ton

I am getting the Result

<b>But I need the Result for the second Query</b>

Consider <b>I have 2 characteristics Material,FiscalYearPeriod</b> and

<b>4 Key Figures charges1,charges2,charges3,charges4</b>

How I placed objects ?

Here I need a Result Like this

<b>Material Charges 042007 052007</b>

Material1 Charges1 40000 50000

Material1 Charges2 60000 70000

Material1 Charges3 80000 20000

Material2 Charges1 20000 30000

Material2 Charges2 40000 50000

Material3 Charges1 50000 70000

If I placed the Key figures in Columns then I get the Result in Horizontally

But I need the Result Vertically

give me an Idea ..