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Jun 11, 2007 at 11:25 PM

Followup question from thread 'Portal component iview quandry'


Hello again, Portal Experts!

I am trying to follow the sage advice posted on my previous thread Portal" target="_blank">">Portal component iview quandry advising me to modify my forms' HTTP method from 'GET' to 'POST' but I am not successful. My iview does not load at all. Is there some property I need to set in my portalapp.xml? Or perhaps I need to use a different class with a 'POST' action, other than the IPortalComponentRequest getParameter method?

To summarize, I am trying to prevent the display of the long URL string with query parameters when opening a custom portal component iview.

Your kind direction is, as always, greatly appreciated.

Signed, perplexed newbie