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Jun 11, 2007 at 04:58 PM

Converting text in itab of length 255 to 132 (SOLI to TLINE)


G'day all,

Hopefully an easy one.

I have a table of line type SOLI which contains a stream of text with Carriage Returns and Line Feeds (CR/LF) included.

I need to convert this table to TLINE format, which means that I want to break it up into 132 chunks and take the CR/LFs into account so that it remains logically formatted i.e. I want a new line in the table whenever a CR/LF is present.

I'm after a Function Module or Method to do this. I know I can scan the table text myself looking for the CR/LFs as hex characters and split it into 132 pieces, but I really don't want to.

I've played with CONVERT_STREAM_TO_ITF_TEXT which is really close to what I want. It will take a table of unspecified line length and convert it and return it in TLINE structure format. Unfortunately it goes a little too far and handles characters like & and < as special characters and in my case they're not special.

Further and possible unnecessary specifics about my scenario:

I'm recieving an inbound email via a class based on IF_INBOUND_EXIT_BCS which will give me access to the email body in a table based on BCSS_DBPC-CONT_TEXT. I need to convert this into TLINE (more specifically RFC_TLINE) format for a function call which creates Long Text against a document (specifically a Notification).

Many thanks,


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