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Jun 11, 2007 at 01:34 PM

Char Derivation in IP



I'm trying to understand how the setting "Characteristic Derivation" works on Input-Enabled Queries. Here is our situation: Every Account belongs to an "Expense Type" the Master Data, "Expense Type" is a display attribute of Account and the vales are populated.

In the Aggregation Level, I have create a Characteristic Relationship with a Source Characteristic of Account and a Target of Expense Type - Derivation active.

I want to create a query where the users enter a Variable value for "Expense Type" and the rows of the query are dynamically created by selecting all the Accounts associated with the Expense Type. I have made the setting to select data based on Characteristic Relationships and have both of them in Free Characteristics. It's not working....every single account comes into the query.

This seems like a simple thing, but I must be doing something wrong?? I would appreciate any help.